Walks around Rome: Photos from Oct 27

We saw a lot of central Rome on October 27th, so there are two sets of photos on Flickr for that day.
During the morning, we visited the Pantheon and a variety of churches. ..

Give thanks for your butter

There are many things that I love about living in Ireland. There are a few things that annoy or trouble me. ..

Caption This! Round 2

Here’s your second photo, ready for clever and comic captioning:

The Caption Contest Rules

The Bakker Bugle is proud to announce another contest for its beloved readers!

BuglePointsâ„¢ for your captions!

More photos of Rome: north of the ancient city

Another day of photos of Rome is ready for your viewing pleasure. ..

Bit of Business: Bugle Tumblr

Hi there, Bugle readers!
For a long time, I’ve wanted an easy way to share tidbits of text, web links, and photos with you. ..

Roman Holiday: Photos, Oct 25

We worked diligently this weekend to post photos of our trip to Rome in late October. The collection is growing bit by bit.
The first day of photos is ready for you! ..

Coming soon: foto di Roma

Anita and I spent all last week in Rome — on vacation no less! There will be lots of photos on Flickr soon.

Memo to North American tourists in Europe

Through a FOIA request submitted this summer, it has come to the Bugle’s attention that all American tourists travelling to Europe received the following instructions:
From: North American Tourist Authority
To: US and Canadian Citizens bound for Europe
Date: [redacted]
Dear US and/or Canadian citizens bound for Europe,
Tourists from North America have always been drawn together by the sound of their non-British accents. ..