Caption This! Round 2

Here’s your second photo, ready for clever and comic captioning:

7 Comments to “Caption This! Round 2”

  1. Rachel Hester said...
    22 November 2008

    Next Top Roman Model- “Number 369? Your photo shoot for the “New QuikTrip Mega Chalice” was great” (whisper from the left) “What? Oh, it’s a man?… Sorry Number 369, you are disqualified.”

  2. Dave said...
    23 November 2008

    I had to jet-pool my servant, and now I have to carry my expensive bucket of wine myself!

  3. Anita said...
    24 November 2008

    “Get the rhubarb ready, Matilda.”

  4. Jaime said...
    24 November 2008

    “For the love of the emperor, take the damn picture – this thing is heavy!”

  5. Keely said...
    25 November 2008

    do you think they’ll notice if i stand up here? crap, i’m not sure i can stand and the wine will spill if i crawl….

  6. Sharon said...
    5 December 2008

    Shhhh – I am pretending to be a woman in this dress while carrying the ashes of my former nemesis.

  7. staff said...
    6 December 2008

    Rachel gets 50 points for creating an iconic beverage brandname. Get yourself a trademark, stat! Also, an American pop-culture reference is worth 20 points. (Rachel did walk a fine line in making a reference that makes little sense outside the US.) She gets an additional 30 points from linking the statue number into her caption. Include the mild gender-bending, and Rachel gets a total of 130.

    Dave gets 180 points for using the term “jet-pool” (from the Bugle Tumblr) and another 40 points for the mention of wine.

    Anita gets no points, because she is not allowed to compete and because her caption is silly.

    Jaime gets 60 points for mentioning photography and another 45 points for the phrase “for the love of the emperor.”

    Keely gets 55 points for the use of an implied thought balloon and an additional 40 points for mentioning wine.

    Sharon get 90 points for moderate gender bending and an additional 40 points for using the word nemesis.

    Dave, Keely and Rachel get a bonus 3 points for submitting a caption in both rounds.