Walks around Rome: Photos from Oct 27

We saw a lot of central Rome on October 27th, so there are two sets of photos on Flickr for that day.

During the morning, we visited the Pantheon and a variety of churches. Take a look at our photos for the morning of the 27th.

In the afternoon, we walked through Rome’s Jewish Ghetto and the Trastavere area on the other side of the Tiber River. As evening approached, we had a scare, but you’ll have to get through the entire set to see it! See our set of photos for the afternoon of the 27th.

In other news about ancient Rome, a consortium of research institutions recently completed a wonderful simulation of what the Roman Forum would have looked like in its day. There’s even a sophisticated add-on for Google Earth. If you’re not familiar with that application, Spiegel Online published a series of screenshots for your enjoyment. You’ve seen our pictures of the ruins, now see the originals!

Finally, we’d be remiss without supplying a preview of our photos from October 27th. Here you go…

"Marcus Agrippa...made this"

The Nave of San Luigi dei Francesi

Thomas Aquinas schools the heretic

Ponte Fabricio redux

Still water under Ponte Sisto

1 Comment to “Walks around Rome: Photos from Oct 27”

  1. Rachel Hester said...
    6 December 2008

    How fun it all looks!
    But, I would say a big net would take care of the pest problem!
    Rachel (from Iowa)