Coming soon: foto di Roma

Anita and I spent all last week in Rome — on vacation no less! There will be lots of photos on Flickr soon.

To get us started on the right foot, the Bugle is delighted to announce a new contest with a Very Special Prize. The specific rules for this contest will appear in a later post. For now, here’s the idea: This photo needs a caption. (Click on the photo to see the large size.)

Let’s see your captions in the comments to this post. We’ll start awarding BuglePointsâ„¢ immediately!

10 Comments to “Coming soon: foto di Roma”

  1. Anita said...
    3 November 2008

    “We’ve been happy together for six months and she makes a great martini. I just wish that Mr. Fluffypants liked her.”

  2. Will said...
    4 November 2008

    “It’s not even Thanksgiving, honey! If you want me to finish making the Christmas wreath right now, you’ll have to pour me a double.”

  3. John Reed said...
    7 November 2008

    “That’s the thing about a haunted house. The poltergeist bartender is great, but that zombie-panther is freaking me out.”

  4. Dave said...
    7 November 2008

    “I used to lift weights, but now I do Pilates. Don’t my abs look awesome!”

  5. Keely said...
    10 November 2008

    be careful now, don’t spill!! i sure wish the seamstress would finish hemming my trousers…

  6. Rachel Hester said...
    17 November 2008

    If Wiskers doesn’t lose the attitude, I will turn him into a chair like I did our last pet!

  7. staff said...
    20 November 2008

    Dave gets 20 points for his concentration on the relative nudity of the relief.

    Keely gets 40 points for her attention to the detail that Anita and Will cared about — the drink — plus 20 points for her attention to nudity, for a total of 60 points earned for this caption.

    Rachel gets 40 points for making Anita laugh out loud and 5 points for the mention of taxidermy. To all this, the staff apply a multiplier of 3 because Will didn’t get the joke until after Anita did, and yet he thinks that it is funny. Thus, Rachel earns a total of 135 points for her caption above.

  8. staff said...
    20 November 2008

    John Reed gets 25 points for the mention of zombies.

    Anita and Will don’t get any points, in accord with the Rules of the Contest. If they were eligible, they would get 900 points each, of course.

  9. eko said...
    15 January 2009

    nice too

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