Bit of Business: Bugle Tumblr

Hi there, Bugle readers!

For a long time, I’ve wanted an easy way to share tidbits of text, web links, and photos with you. I also didn’t want to crowd out the more substantial posts of the blog with such nonsense. I think I found the solution in a Tumblr feed, which you can now find in the sidebar to the right.

For several months, there’s been a “Recommended Reads” link in the sidebar of the blog — but that only handles bookmarks. I really want to share photos with you the day that they are taken, so you get some sense of the rhythm of life around here. The Tumblr service allows me to post all kinds of things in the sidebar. (If you want to retrieve one of the old bookmarks, go directly to the Bugle’s Ma.gnolia bookmarks page.)

So if you’re looking for more Bugle content, scroll past the perpetually popular weather report and the recent comments, and take a look at what’s new in our world. The photos you see are typically taken the same day they appear. If you want more information, or a better look at a photo, just click on the entry. As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Oh, and the Bugle staff are diligently working on the Official Rules for the caption contest. They had to call Legal to get everything sorted. Thank you for your entries in the meantime!

3 Comments to “Bit of Business: Bugle Tumblr”

  1. Rachel Hester said...
    14 November 2008

    Hi Will and Anita,
    On “your next trip”, you were asking for suggestions. Have you been to the Galway area? My husband and I are in the planning stages of moving to Ireland, and we really like the Galway area and would love to see a first hand look at the area. Your photos and captions are always so amazing! Fun… and informative.
    Thank you for letting me snoop.
    Rachel (in Iowa)

  2. Anita said...
    18 November 2008

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting the Bugle. We enjoy your participation in our little community.

    We’ve been to Galway a few times — once for a visit with friends in the summer of 2007. Here is a flickr set.

    When my mom visited, we went west for a few days. The photos are on her flickr site.

    Our friends lived in Galway for a couple of years. Before we knew we would move to Dublin, we came for a visit. Here is the original vacation set – there isn’t much Galway proper, but there is quite a bit to see:

    Again, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Rachel Hester said...
    19 November 2008

    Thank you Anita,
    The pictures and captions were great!
    I really appreciate your blog, we are learning so much and we look forward to your posts and pictures.
    Thank you again, and I am sure you will hear from me again as
    we plan our big move.
    Rachel (from Iowa)