Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!

This is a prompt post on something that happened TODAY!

One of the many parts of my job at A Big Corporation is to get government approvals, which we call apostilles. Today I needed to drop off some documents, so around eleven o’clock I wandered out of my office. I took my routine path to one of many government buildings.

I was a bit surprised at the police presence outside my office, but I didn’t think too much about it. Further on, I found barricades and even more police. That finally triggered my memory: The Queen’s coming today!

Not knowing her schedule, I kept to my routine and walked straight to the usual offices. After dropping off the documents, I headed back to the office.

After passing through Place Clairefontaine, I encountered a wave of excited tourists heading toward the Grand Duke’s Palace. I decided I had a moment to investigate, so I deviated from my well-worn pattern and turned right instead of left. Look at all the photographers — there must be something going on!

In front of the Palace was quite a display of military bands and dignitaries.

I’m still guessing who was whom with the guys in blue versus the green.

The band started playing. Thinking of the Bugle’s readers, I switched to video recording. I believe they were playing the Grand Duke’s anthem.

The Grand Duke and Duchess moved from one beautiful rug to the other beautiful rug. It was odd to see indoor carpets in the public thoroughfare.

The Duke and Duchess seemed in high spirits and they were friendly with the crowd.

Some lucky youngster got to present flowers to the Queen. Meanwhile, some poor military man kept the schedule.

The Queen arrives!

While the Queen and the Duke walked the remainder of the red carpet, the Duchess and the Grand-duc héritier waited one fancy rug behind.

By that time, the crowd had filled the little square in front of the palace.

Three videos in one. (1) Action on the red carpet. (2) Somebody’s national anthem. (3) Getting ready to greet the people.

I think they were listening to their respective national anthems at this point. (Gotta research that one.)

I do love a band.

Patiently waiting on the monarchs.

Apparently, even Luxembourg has Secret Service guys.

The Queen’s fancy ride from the airport.

Glamour shot of Grand Duke Henri and Queen Beatrix.

Heading in, to start the official visit.

The retinue follows.

Then it was over. The photographers rushed away in a pack. Later, Will reminded me that the Queen would lay a wreath at a memorial nearby. These guys were looking from the prime spots.

I feel lucky that my random work-day errand allowed me to see the Queen of the Netherlands!

6 Comments to “Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!”

  1. Rachel said...
    21 March 2012

    Thanks for your post! I got pulled over by a police motor cycle on my bike ride today, and I would have had no idea what was going on if it weren’t for this blog entry. It seemed that the Grand Duke, Duchess, and the Queen went for a little joy ride through the Luxembourg countryside today. I had to pull over for them to go by with all their entourage and police escorts.

  2. Mike said...
    25 March 2012


    green == army, blue == customs


  3. Will said...
    25 March 2012

    Thanks, Mike! I’m not sure where I could find that kind of information otherwise.

  4. Mike said...
    25 March 2012

    glad to be of service.

    speaking of service, could you check what service weapons the customs officers carry? img_5548 in hires should make that identification easy.

    i think it’s a H&K MP5, but i could not find anything that confirms this on the intarwebs.

  5. Dave said...
    29 March 2012

    Anita- That’s awesome. It appears you were within 25m of royalty. That is quite the work errand.

    Will – You’ll be happy to know that I can muscle through enough French to read on the Grand-duc héritier is first in the order of succession in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on his French language wiki page.

  6. Anita said...
    30 March 2012

    Dave – 25m? Try 25 feet! I was very, very close to the whole affair. I love my job so much!

    Good job on the French too :-)