Best of the Tumble, 12 Sept 2010

Alert readers have noticed, by now, a list of intriguing links and comments in the rightmost column of this blog. This is the Bugle Tumble. There are new items posted to the Bugle Tumble regularly — and much more frequently than the Bakker Bugle Blog.

Most of the items are just links to interesting bits of the InterWebs, with a bit of commentary from us, the Bugle staff. It’s little more than a running compilation of websites where we are doing research for upcoming posts, or just slacking off. But there are also fresh photos from Luxembourg, posted to the Tumble on that day that they were taken. Current-ness!

If you use an RSS reader to keep track of your favorite websites and blogs, you can follow the Bugle Tumble’s RSS feed, too. (By the way, all the smartest and most attractive readers of the Bugle use RSS readers.)

Without further comment, some of the best recent items from the Bugle Tumble!

3 Comments to “Best of the Tumble, 12 Sept 2010”

  1. Anita said...
    12 September 2010

    The first game didn’t count, since I was learning. However, on my second game I scored a massive 12,484 (with Will as my witness).

    Buck-up, buttercups! I more than doubled Mr. Dave!

    Who is up to the new, actual challenge?!

  2. Sharon said...
    15 September 2010

    I might need some technical assistance in adding the tumble to my google reader settings ;) Also need to update things to do next in Lux…”Eating in the mall is supposed to be an actually enjoyable experience. We are skeptical.” cause it was awesome at the mall & you know it Will!!! take care -S

  3. Will said...
    15 September 2010

    Sharon: Thanks for noticing the error on the “Things to do next”. As for the google reader, try the link in the right column of this page, entitled “Recent entries in the Bugle Tumblr” — or click right here.