Will Bakker, International TV star

Many, many people do crazy, crazy things to attract the cameras covering the Tour de France.

Now that you’ve seen the photos from my first appearance at the Tour, take a look at how the media covered my presence.

Due to my local renown, all I must do to appear on the broadcast is stand near the course.

Proof? See the video evidence.

By the way, The Expatresse also appears, along with daughters Skittles and Baboo.

3 Comments to “Will Bakker, International TV star”

  1. Dave said...
    21 July 2010

    Actually, that was me. Black hair, blue shirt… Blurry… Yep, I’m sure it was me.

  2. The Expatresse said...
    22 July 2010

    Oh! That is so cool. Thanks!

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