Cruise photos, at last!

You may remember that, this May, we celebrated our long-term success with a cruise. Now, our short-term delay in posting our photos from that cruise has come to an end!

As usual, we’ll release photosets on Flickr with extensive captions — one or two days at a time. We wouldn’t want to overwhelm you! To begin, you can enjoy our pictures of the first two days, as we travel to Venice, board the ship, and thrill to the sailaway down the Guidecca Canal. You’ll see parts of our Crown Princess cruise ship, the city of Venice from dozens of high angles, and a few other treats.

If that description isn’t enough to tempt you, here are a few samples from our massive photographic record:

This is where the cruise started: docks on the central island of Venice.

The scale of the cruise ships made us see Venice in a different way.

The “sailaway” through the heart of Venice was dazzling.

There were more than enough sights to satisfy the pros and semi-pros on board.

The new perspective perfectly complemented our visit to Venice in March 2008.

You may find this map helpful, to visualize our path around Venice (as marked in red). Click on it for a larger version.

(Thanks to user NormanEinstein at Wikimedia Commons for releasing his work into the public domain.)

Of course, there is a photoset of leftover photos, for those who just can’t get enough. Also, future photosets will be added to the Cruise 2010 collection page on flickr.