Get ready for Schueberfouer!

In just two days, Luxembourg will hold the 670th annual Schueberfouer.
Try to wrap your mind around a tradition that old. More than 30 generations. ..

A little history of National Day

Tomorrow, June 23, is Luxembourg’s national holiday. The big party is tonight, in anticipation of the torch-parade and the fireworks display just before midnight. ..

A day in my life at the BBB&B

[Editor’s Note: Sharon is a founding member of the Friends of the Bugle. ..

This week: A Dog’s Life

The excitement this week? Taking care of a friend’s dog, who we’ll call Sylvester (to protect the innocent).

Flat Stanley comes for a visit

We were honored by a visit from Flat Stanley. Our friend Grace sent Flat Stanley to us, and we took a little tour around the Luxembourg region last weekend. ..

Happy Carnival!

For the season before Lent, Luxembourg doesn’t have some of the charming and/or citrusy traditions of its neighbors. ..

She’s got the whole world in her hands

It wasn’t easy – but we’ve finally put our world together. It took two more marathon sessions, but we finished our puzzleball globe. ..

Regarding my unwarranted skepticism

To Whom It May Concern:
At several social functions during our recent visit to the US, my spouse Will told a somewhat humorous story involving the shooting of a movie in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. ..

Globe construction progress report

The work of building our world continues apace.
I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress after the first evening of solid puzzleball work.

European History 101, painlessly

Was your New Year’s Resolution to become familiar with European history? ..