Tour de Luxembourg: Part 2 of 2

The Tour de France is reaching its climax, so naturally the Bugle turns its attentions to the Tour of Luxembourg of early June 2011. (Plus, yesterday’s rest day gave me some extra time to catch up.) Part One took you to the opening time-trial in Luxembourg-Ville (the Prologue), and from the beginning of Stage 1 in the west of the country to the end in the south-east. Part Two will tell the story visually, so check your computer’s volume and click along!

We propose two videos to review our experience of those two days. You may want to watch each video in HD by clicking on the YouTube button and then the full screen button (four arrows pointing outward).

The photosets have detailed descriptions: Part One, Part Two.

After our comprehensive coverage of the first three days (Prologue, Stage One and Stage Two), we had our own rest day for Stage Three. (It was far up in the north, a beautiful area, but we were feeling quite lazy that morning.) It sounds like this stage was a lot like the previous ones: a Leopard TREK rider in yellow and the rest of the team with an iron grip on the peloton.

The final day of racing finished in Luxembourg-Ville, practically on our doorstep. Take a look:

And the requisite photoset is ready for your perusal, too.


8 Comments to “Tour de Luxembourg: Part 2 of 2”

  1. Amanda said...
    19 July 2011


  2. Dave said...
    20 July 2011

    Did I hear Anita speaking French in those videos?

    Love the time lapse and slow mo stuff. Especially Frank sprinting in the last one. It seemed like a piece from an American Sports Movie…. Only if Dennis Quaid lost in Breaking Away.

  3. Dave said...
    20 July 2011

    One question I forgot to ask. Was the audio of the team car speaking with the rider you followed in the prologue over a loudspeaker so the whole crowd to hear, or was that a perk for being a VIP.

  4. Jaime said...
    21 July 2011

    Someone loves their video editing software, eh?

    I am not a cycling fan but I love your enthusiasm for and about the sport plus the sound bites from Jens are kinda worth their weight in gold.

    In the 2nd video, I really loved the sound the peloton (I am such a fraud using that word) made as it passed you. Kind of a non-mechanical whirring – really cool sound effect.

    In the last video, I loved the overhead view from the Passerelle. I really appreciated seeing how closely spaced the riders are in the peloton. And there I go again…

  5. Will said...
    21 July 2011

    Eh, I don’t like iMovie very much. But just about everyone thinks that Final Cut X is crap, so I feel kinda stuck with iMovie. I wonder whether there’s any FOSS software out there for (reasonably intuitive) video editing.

  6. Will said...
    21 July 2011

    The team car had two big bullhorn speakers on its bonnet, so everybody could hear it. They yelled at the rider pretty much continuously, mostly in English. My fellow passengers and I were giggling at the merriment in the coach’s voice.

  7. Doug said...
    21 July 2011

    Wow – you got the video thing down. Pretty awesome. Seeing the Peloton and how tight they ride together is pretty cool.

  8. Corry said...
    3 August 2011

    I appreciated learning more about cycling, thank you for the vids.

    That being said, my take away was the blue foam fingers in the second video. I think it’s genius how they have the special palm so you can clap. Do they do that here too? I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to foam fingers lately, but now I will!