And the winner is….

After four long weeks away from Luxembourg, Will arrived home Friday morning. Having missed him tremendously, I believed seeing him come through the doors at the airport would be the most exciting thing to happen for a while.

I was wrong.

As I walked down the steps to the waiting area for arrivals, I heard a small amount of applause. Wondering what was up, I noticed that RTL (our local television station) had a camera set up and there was a group of people gathered in a cluster.

A young man stood in front of them and was giving them hugs, seeming very excited. He then sat down his backpack and started to open it up. Out of nowhere it hit me: he’s got an Oscar in that bag. He reached in, pulled out something wrapped in a soft cloth, and then slowly unwrapped it. Yep – it was the Oscar! Did you know the winners of the animated short film were from Luxembourg? Mr. Witz arrived home earlier in the week but Mr. Espigares had just landed!

Well-trained by Will, I immediately scrambled for the camera in my purse.

Yes, this is a terrible picture. But I didn’t realize how low the light was and I was all shaky with excitement

I’m making some assumptions here, but it seems like this might be Dad and Mom with Oscar-winning son.

That statue is REALLY shiny.

After the initial photo op, it was time for a quick interview with RTL.

Next, the fun game of “pass around the Oscar to see how heavy it is!” began. No one invited me to play along.

Dang – that thing in shiny!

It was about this time that Will cleared customs and wandered into arrivals area. He also noticed the camera stand and then immediately noticed the Oscar. You just can’t miss it.

I tried to find the interview on RTL, but I failed. Apologies to all.

Queens and Oscars. These are just a few of the things that I run into in my daily life in Luxembourg.

7 Comments to “And the winner is….”

  1. Dave said...
    10 March 2014

    To Do List:

    See Royalty – Done
    Hob Nob with Pro Cyclists – Done
    See an Oscar – Done
    See a Nobel Prize
    Find Waldo

  2. keely said...
    10 March 2014

    That is the coolest!!!!! (Did Will arrive while you were photographing Oscar? So glad he’s home. That’s a long time gone.)

  3. Rachel said...
    10 March 2014

    That’s awesome! Good story.

  4. Anonymous said...
    11 March 2014

    Love the cat-like camera reflexes… :)

  5. Jaime said...
    11 March 2014

    I once held an Oscar. It was not shiny (probably because people like me had been holding it for years) but was SHOCKINGLY heavy.

  6. Michael said...
    29 May 2014

    You are a good a funny storyteller, Anita. I’m glad Jason and Nick introduced you and Will to Rebecca and I.

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