Caption This! Round 4

Caption Image Four is a departure from ancient Rome. It is also a tribute to our fellow residents of the British Isles.

As usual, click on the image for the full-size version.

Caption Four

8 Comments to “Caption This! Round 4”

  1. Jaime said...
    11 January 2009

    “People, we’ve got ourselves a walk-off!”

  2. Dave said...
    11 January 2009

    Good thing he’s got his hat over his eyes… This camouflage makes me stick out like a sore thumb!

  3. Rachel Hester said...
    15 January 2009

    As the Royal Artillery was lining up for the long parade route,
    Bruce was lucky enough to find a port-a-potty with no long line.

  4. Sharon said...
    15 January 2009

    I am going to beat you to this crazy claustrophobic coffin like box & I hope there is a tele in there.

  5. John Reed said...
    6 February 2009

    I don’t care that Her Majesty is reading a magazine in there. Canada’s having a political crisis and she needs to answer the phone now!

    You know that you don’t REALLY need to guard her here, right?

  6. staff said...
    6 February 2009

    Jaime gets 50 points for a pop culture reference, plus another 45 for a truly witty caption.

    Dave gets 65 points for acknowledging the hat and another 40 points for realizing that camouflage would never belong in that environment.

    Rachel gets 100 points (and a gold star) for bringing the concept of a port-a-potty into the caption. She gets another 15 for acknowledging that anytime you are along a parade route, you’ll need a potty first. And 5 for naming one of the characters in the photo.

    Sharon gets 75 points for the retro telephone booth reference. We assume that’s what she means with her three Cs. (Had she written “compartment” rather than “box”, she could have had 100 more points for alliteration.)

    John Reed gets 20 points for referencing the queen and another 60 points for the topical Canadian humour.

  7. Laurie said...
    14 February 2009

    I petition that John get an additional 25pts for the HIMYM reference…

  8. Dave said...
    16 February 2009

    Laurie, They’re just watching Dallas over in Dublin…. HIMYM won’t be popular there until 2027….