Caption Five

Hello, Bugle readers! You’ve probably had enough of Italy, from the photos posted this week. So Caption Five is once again from a photo taken in England.

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16 Comments to “Caption Five”

  1. Rachel Hester said...
    12 February 2009

    For using his compass to clean his toenails in class,
    Martin had his drafting table confiscated.

  2. Ed LeCanard said...
    13 February 2009

    “It must be true then: the size of a man’s feet correlate exactly to the size of his di…”

  3. Marcel Oie said...
    14 February 2009

    The evil mechanical British imperialist plotted his next dastardly move on an unsuspecting but thoroughly decent small nation.

  4. Theo Therway said...
    16 February 2009

    Even the mechanical man was having difficuly assembling the IKEA flat pack furniture.

  5. Dave said...
    20 February 2009

    Oil can…..

  6. Jaime said...
    22 February 2009

    Nigel ducks but willfully refuses to take cover. The bloody siren is enough of an irritant without hiding under a desk, too.

  7. Theo Therway said...
    23 February 2009

    Derek said to Mary, “get the bloody kettle on!”, but she had already left on the red helicopter to take up gainfull employment on the North Sea oil rig.

  8. Marcel Oie said...
    23 February 2009

    Tomorrow night, Vauxhall Bridge. One colleague, brown overcoat, red scarf. Black breifcase with gold fittings. Third parapet for two minutes. No more.

  9. Ed LeCanard said...
    23 February 2009

    Agreed time. Two minutes. Brown suede shoes.

  10. Anonymous said...
    27 February 2009

    who does #2 work for?

  11. Barry Cade said...
    3 March 2009

    The terrified teenager had metal spikes hammered through his arms and legs for breaking the terrorists’ vicious code of neighbourhood law. The boy’s wounds, inflicted by the IRA in 1996, were held together with staples and steel plates. He still found some time for a bit of trigonometry though.

  12. staff said...
    10 March 2009

    The Bugle staff are encouraged by the number of participants in Round Five — but we are also confused by why this photo generated so much interest. Without further ado, the awards:

    Rachel gets 90 points for bringing so many elements of the photo into play, and 30 points for naming the individual in the photo.

    Ed gets 40 points for almost, but not quite, making this post NSFW, plus 20 points for explaining the pose.

    Marcel’s first caption earns him 100 points for a topical reference, and a steampunk bonus of 25 points.

    Dave gets 62 points for an enigmatically brief caption. Nobody understands it here, Dave.

    Theo gets 60 points for referring to IKEA in his first caption. The staff find Theo’s second caption confusing rather than enigmatic. Still, it is less confusing than Anonymous’s contribution, so we’ll award 15 points for it.

    Jaime gets 70 points for historical ambiguity: WW2 or Cold War? Jaime also gets 20 points for aesthically pleasing sentences.

    Marcel and Ed seem to be using this blog as a drop-point for secret messages. Gentlemen, may we suggest that you use more appropriate tools, like Tor and GPG?

    Barry’s caption is disturbing and truculent, which can be good attributes in this context. But it’s rather artless, too. So we’ll award just 10 points, in recognition of its comprehensiveness.

  13. Jaime said...
    11 March 2009

    Oops! I didn’t mean to be ambiguous – when I posted my entry, I truly thought it was a crystal clear reference to the Cold War (“duck and cover!”). However, upon reflection, I realize I completely discounted that air raid drills occurred during WWII, too.

    Mea culpa!

  14. Barry Cade said...
    12 March 2009


    Not just drills! German bombing raids on British cities killed nearly 60,000 civillians, including nearly 9,000 as a result of the use of V-weapons during the closing stages of the war.

  15. Dave said...
    12 March 2009

    Trying to reference “The Wizard of Oz” was too obsure you for, Will? Dude is like the tin man! He’s got bolts!

  16. Will said...
    12 March 2009

    Dave, I was never any good at that game: “I can name that Judy Garland movie in two words!”

    I talked to the staff: Frankly, you got more points for being enigmatic than you would have for an obvious movie reference. “He’s got bolts! Get it?!” And there were already two mechanical man mentions before you!

    Weak. Do better next time.