Caption This! Round 3

Good job to all who participated in Round Two. Click to see the next photo:

As usual, click on the image to see a full-size version.

10 Comments to “Caption This! Round 3”

  1. John Reed said...
    9 December 2008

    If I catch this bull for Blago, I bet he’ll give me the Waukegan riverfront project!

  2. Anita said...
    9 December 2008

    Good grief! You’d think she would at least let me put on some pants before she makes me chase the dang bull. This is going to result in some serious chafing.

  3. Rachel Hester said...
    11 December 2008

    With no use for a “bull market”, the animals are being hunted for the dinner table.

  4. Jaime said...
    19 December 2008

    “Hey! Come back here and give me my polo mallet!”

  5. Sharon said...
    23 December 2008

    Chasing Tail

  6. Anonymous said...
    2 January 2009

    Even after beating Penn State, USC is still trying to catch the Longhorns in the Polls.

  7. staff said...
    11 January 2009

    John Reed gets 10 points for being the first to caption, 40 points for reference current events with Blago and 50 points for a geographical reference of the Waukegan riverfront.

    Anita get no points since she can’t compete. However, she does get a a gold star for using the word “chafing.”

    Rachael gets 80 points for a current events reference to the economy and another 30 points for putting dinner on the table.

    Jaime gets 20 points for a starting with an interjection and 110 points for referencing a sport created in 6th century BC.

    Sharon gets 15 points for brevity and another 85 points for a reference of a suggestive nature.

    Anonymous would get points — if he or she were not anonymous.

  8. Dave said...
    15 January 2009

    Yeah, Anonymous was me… But I used a new computer, and forgot to type my name in…

  9. Will said...
    15 January 2009

    If there are no objections from the gallery, then we’ll award Dave some points — with an appropriate deduction for carelessness, of course.

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