Random Happenings 2

[Editor’s note: we continue to experiment with the content of these posts. ..

And the winner is….

After four long weeks away from Luxembourg, Will arrived home Friday morning. ..

Random Happenings

[Editor’s note: in an effort to get back into more frequent blogging, we are experimenting with some “daily life” posts. ..

Our Ronde van Vlaanderen: Part 3

When your bike starts making an unfamiliar noise, you start to worry. Was I hearing things? Was I just being nervous? Or did I have a flat tire?
In fact, I did have a flat tire. ..

Our Ronde van Vlaanderen: Part 2

Our group gathered for the start. The first part of the ride was a long, flat section along the river.
The group took off like a bat out of hell. ..

Our Ronde van Vlaanderen: Part 1

Our blog posts in 2013 were rare for several reasons. While some of those reasons might not pass scrutiny, the fact that we are now cycling more than ever is certainly true. ..

We’re Back (again)

We’ve been busy. Unfortunately, we were so busy that we neglected our blog. In fact, we neglected our blog so much that we forgot to pay the bills and the domain agent pulled down the site. ..

Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!

This is a prompt post on something that happened TODAY!
One of the many parts of my job at A Big Corporation is to get government approvals, which we call apostilles. ..

Going native — for the moment

When we moved to Dublin, just over four years ago, I had many coats. Unfortunately, all of them were far more appropriate to the temperatures and seasons of Chicagoland. ..

Prompt Post: Echternach Balloon Festival

Hot air balloons are a familiar sight in Luxembourg. As Will showed you yesterday, four balloons were “inflated” for the Gala, although none of the four lifted off the tarmac. ..