Last Sunday: Festival of Street Culture

I learned about the Kings of Concrete festival late last week, and I barely remembered to go at midday on Sunday.

Summer Arrives!

It was summer today!
Hip hip, hooray!
It was a really warm day!

Last Saturday’s Minor Adventures

In June, Anita, Will and Will’s parents went to the village of Avoca during a trip around the mountains south of Dublin (in County Wicklow). ..

Links, 16 July 2008

Links to peruse at your leisure, presented in no particular order.

French Prez Sarkozy will visit Dublin Monday

After the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, Sarkozy has been downright intimidating about Ireland’s role in the EU. ..

Books Report: Ireland and the Whole World

During a few rainy, cold days in June, I devoured two books: Jared Diamond’s Collapse, and John Waters’s Jiving at the Crossroads. ..

The BBB&B No-Rain Pledgeâ„¢

Since its founding, the Bakker Bugle Bed & Breakfast has provided a special experience for visitors to Ireland. ..

Heat Wave!

The best time to get coffee in Dublin is 12:45. There are few people waiting in line, and you can get a seat at one of the few tables on the sidewalk. ..

Visual Aids are neat!

The stories of the Bugle P.I. are getting complicated, and the long periods between posts do not help the situation of the poor reader of the blog. ..

Happy Fourth of July

Today is not a holiday in Ireland, of course. Still, there are plenty of celebrations of Independence Day here in Dublin. ..

P.I. in the comix

I hope you didn’t miss the last few weeks of Judge Parker in the funny papers. ..