Visual Aids are neat!

The stories of the Bugle P.I. are getting complicated, and the long periods between posts do not help the situation of the poor reader of the blog. So I present the following Visual Aid in the spirit of penitence. Click on the thumbnail below to see the PDF version in all its glory.

With this Visual Aid, I hope to clarify the nested worlds of the Bakker Bugle Stories, with the characters separated into two parts. The innermost world is the main story, labeled “Bugle P.I. Story” in the Visual Aid. This story involves an event in Fitzwilliam Square, a private investigator travelling from Dublin to Chicago, and a fictional Irish developer.

The other world of the Bakker Bugle Stories is the metafiction — a little yarn I recently introduced to explain the long hiatus in the Bugle P.I. Story. This yarn includes the Bakker Bugle Corp’s intention to make a profit off the main story and a tribute to the main story in the Judge Parker comic strip.

2 Comments to “Visual Aids are neat!”

  1. Dave said...
    7 July 2008

    Thank you. That is very helpful.

    Is there supposed to be a second page? I see the arrow that says, “The Real World” but I have no second page.

  2. Will said...
    7 July 2008

    Dave, I do not know anything about the Real World except that it’s out there somewhere.