Summer Arrives!

It was summer today!
Hip hip, hooray!
It was a really warm day!
Maybe it will stay…

People swarmed all over the public spaces of Dublin’s city centre today, to enjoy one of what may be just a few summery days of the year. I had a few errands to do, and I found myself compelled to take the long way round. (To get between two points on the southside separated by about three Chicago blocks, I walked over the River Liffey, across two districts of the northside, through Temple Bar and along Aungier Street, then across Grafton. Net travel time: two hours. Net happiness: lots.)

Sunning on the Banks of the Liffey

More than once, I heard a well-dressed office worker say into his or her mobile: “Ah, I think I’ll just stay out this afternoon. We’ll get it done later.” At one of my favorite cafes, I sat outside and eavesdropped on a conversation between a solicitor and her receptionist. The woman had just sat down with her mocha, but the receptionist appeared from a nearby doorway. She spent a few minutes trying to convince the receptionist that she didn’t need to take the “urgent consultation”. Finally, she left her mocha on the table, leaving for “just a minute” to get the bothersome business out of the way.

Stephens Green was packed, of course.

It was about 22 deg Celsius (71 F) and I was sweating, with just one layer of clothing on. No undershirt and short-sleeves — yer damn right that’s something to write home about!

Tomorrow is supposed to be “Very warm and humid tomorrow. Heavy possibly thundery showers.” Thunder? This is madness!