P.I. in the comix

I hope you didn’t miss the last few weeks of Judge Parker in the funny papers. If you did read them, you must have thought, immediately: “That sounds like the meta-plot of the Bugle P.I.!”

You’re right!

It’s not widely known that the stories in Judge Parker are conceived by a syndicate of retired stonemasons in County Wicklow. Their ideas are sent to the man who actually fills in details, draws, and signs each comic strip. Well, one of those masons (who will remain nameless) is a devoted follower of the Bugle Blog.

Thanks to Uncle Lumpy at Comics Curmudgeon, who directed our attention to the story. Thanks to French postmodernism for the intellectual prestige of metafiction, which is so abused in this blog.

2 Comments to “P.I. in the comix”

  1. Dave said...
    2 July 2008

    OK, so wait. I thought you were a PI investigating a weird gatering in your local park and assisting an old friend with a court case… Now you’re an attorney negotiating a book deal for a crime fighting judge? I’ve lost the plot completely.

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