Required Reading for Ex-pats in Ireland

Before we moved to Ireland, our good friend and frequent commentor Dave gave me a copy of The Lonely Planet’s Irish Language and Culture. The book, unlike a tourist guide, goes into lifestyle and society, sport, slang and entertainment.

For many months, I would read a little bit about Ireland before I went to bed. It helped give me insight into the Gaelic Games, helped me memorize the four provinces and the 32 counties. I also picked up several classic Irish phrases, included “You’re grand,” “No bother at all,” and “Jaysus!”.

Here’s a big thank you to Dave for the book. Now that Will and I have finished it, it will move to a place of honor in the guest room, so all our visitors can have the opportunity to learn just a little bit more about the country they are visiting.

3 Comments to “Required Reading for Ex-pats in Ireland”

  1. Dave said...
    10 March 2008

    You’re welcome. I’m glad it came in handy. Hopefully you found that the details in the book were true. Are there really people walking around saying stuff like, “Jaysus, You’re Grand!”

  2. Will said...
    11 March 2008

    Dude, there like really are.

  3. seamus said...
    14 March 2008

    Irish people dont speak like that, they have sayings like “begoragh” and “top of the morning to ya” or perhaps “to be sure to be sure” . I know , my grandmother came from Co. Athlone. “Jayus, You’re Grand”. priceless.