American Politics in Dublin

I have political interactions with Dubliners more than twice a day (when I’m out and about). Here’s two from today.

First, in the hardware store: The two workers there know me and they know that I’m American. One asks, “How about yer man McCain. Do ya think he’ll win?” Discussion ensues, bringing in another customer (Irish). All seem to hope that Obama wins the primaries and the election.

Second, not really an interaction, but a poster I saw all over town:

4 Comments to “American Politics in Dublin”

  1. Keely said...
    20 February 2008

    could they have found a more bizarre pic of Hillary? I do hope you go to this meeting. could be very interesting!

  2. Dave said...
    21 February 2008

    I ran a Goolge search to see if there were more bizarre pics of Hillary, and I can assure you that there are no pictures available on the internet more bizarre that that one. However, this was the first picture that came up in the search.

  3. Will said...
    21 February 2008

    Sorry, Keely, I couldn’t make the meeting. I’d wager the answer is “No, their talk of change is superficial,” if you’re looking for the cliff-notes version. I’ve almost attended a few socialist gatherings around the city — they’re as common as hen parties — but something always foils my plans.

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