Travel in America

First, fair play to Dave for the Dubs spy-photo. I wonder what story brought that jersey to Lake County. Also, thanks to Sharon for the suggestion. The staff are already hard at work on the first word of the week.

My travels took me to O’Hare airport in Chicago, suburban central New Jersey, and Manhattan. My flight to New Jersey took me through O’Hare. I had a window seat facing north, and the sky was clear. So I felt a little twinge when the plane was low enough for me to see the baseball fields, wide-open parks and roads, and distinctive spaces of my most recent home. My first bit of home-sickness — just a few miles from home!

Walking around New Jersey and New York City brought my attention to some features of Dublin life that I’d failed to notice. I kept starting sentences with the phrase, “In Dublin…” and I got self-conscious about that. (I heard an echo in my head: “One time, in band camp…”)

I can’t get those new observations organized right now, but I’ll work on it soon!

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  1. Jaime B said...
    12 September 2007

    Welcome back! It’s been a bummer not to have any new postings on the blog. You’ll have to explain what made you travel to NJ/NY via Chicago.