Happy Carnival!

For the season before Lent, Luxembourg doesn’t have some of the charming and/or citrusy traditions of its neighbors. It does have a carnival procession and party in a small city, Diekirch, known as the Cavalcade.

We’d like to share some of our photos and a few observations. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give it the full Bugle treatment before long!

PietonsThe first sign that we’d arrived in Diekirch were pedestrians in coordinated costumes. But the parade’s been underway for an hour… hey, guys, hurry up!

Fanfare ordinaireWe found the parade route with no problem. Our first sight was a marching band. Okay, looks good.

ConfettiThe first float featured a homemade confetti shooter. Nicely done, gentlemen. We would learn that confetti is one of the pillars of the Diekirch Cavalcade.


I shouted, “Anita, look! It’s Obelix and Asterix!” She broke my heart this Valentine’s Day by responding, “Who?”

Diekirch brewery?

I can’t read it, but I’m pretty sure this group had something to say about the plans to close the Diekirch brewery.

Fanfare des clownsNow you’re seeing more of the spirit of the Cavalcade.

PandemieMost floats focused on one clear joke or commentary on recent events. Voici, the swine-flu pandemic.

Biere du charFrom what we could tell, every float must be (1) pulled by a large farm tractor, and (2) equipped with a keg.

Fut du charThe evidence points to this: each and every DJ residing within 20km of Diekirch is compelled to lend sound equipment to a float, and serve as keg-master during the Cavalcade.

CostumeOne great feature of the Cavalcade is that about half the spectators are dressed in crazy costumes.

Foule costumeeMaybe the culture gap is much wider than I thought, but it looked to me like the dominant theme of the spectators’ costumes was, “Well, this looks bizarre and make no sense at all. I am fabulous!”

Ane de DiekirchThe donkey is the mascot of the city of Diekirch, so gussied-up donkeys figured prominently in many floats.

Really, there’s not much more to say, but plenty to see. We’ll work on a more thorough report when the sun stops shining here.

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  1. Keely said...
    24 February 2010

    I love any parade that serves beer from the floats!! woohoo!!