Flat Stanley comes for a visit

We were honored by a visit from Flat Stanley. Our friend Grace sent Flat Stanley to us, and we took a little tour around the Luxembourg region last weekend. We spent Saturday border-crossing among four countries!
Schengen France
You might enjoy the results of our tour — we have a booklet that you can see in one of three forms:
Pont Adolphe

We also made a teacher’s guide (PDF) with more information about most of the photos.

Finally, we’re building a photoset on Flickr with more photos than we could include in the booklet. The BCGCU 3000 is still balky, so check in later this weekend to see more photos and better descriptions.

We spent most of our time trying to find good signs at the borders, so we have an odd collection of “sights” around the Luxembourg area. We didn’t go to many of the pretty or historically meaningful attractions, but that actually made the tour very interesting for us. Anyway, it’s difficult to make even Little Switzerland look good on a gray and rainy day in February.

9 Comments to “Flat Stanley comes for a visit”

  1. Cindy said...
    27 February 2010

    What fun and what a wonderful “book” Will! Super job! I think Flat Stanley had a great visit!

  2. Dave said...
    28 February 2010

    The teachers guide is very informative! You are on your way to rivaling Rick Steeve. First, pocket guides to Luxembourg, next The World!

  3. Cindy said...
    28 February 2010

    I also was impressed with the teachers guide–very helpful for the poor overworked teachers!!!! Good job!

  4. Will said...
    1 March 2010

    I just added a bunch more photos of our travels with Flat Stanley to Flickr: Another Flat Stanley photoset.

    There were too many to just add to the first photoset. So if you want to see more, try the link in this comment!

  5. Laurie said...
    2 March 2010


  6. Jaime said...
    2 March 2010

    Hats off the staff. Flat Stanley certainly received a ducal welcome with you. I loved his adventures and I’m sure Grace and her class will, too.

  7. Anita said...
    2 March 2010

    Flat Stanley could not come to Luxembourg and not see MY BANK!

    Laurie – I was thinking of you the entire time we set that photo up.

  8. [Not] Keely said...
    3 March 2010

    [Please choose another alias to avoid confusion with other commenters — Editor]
    You guys need to do some drinking!!!!

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