Something for the kids

One thing that holds true across the Western world as we know it: Christmas is devoted to the children. And here in Luxembourg, there’s no Thanksgiving to hold up the beginning of the festivities. Shortly after All Saints’ Day (Nov 1st), the holiday decorations went up. All the leaves are down, and the sky is gray — so why not get started?

The first trimmings I noticed were in a Luxembourg shopping mall, just outside the city. The sights began on the way down the escalator from the car park, and the theme was clear from the outset.

The Enchanted Circus included about a dozen scenes of mechanical animals and performers, mostly in the central courtyard of the mall.

Hopefully this video will help you appreciate the magic of the holidays in suburban Luxembourg.

After a trip around the circus, one is in the proper frame of mind to visit the hypermarket, Europe’s equivalent of Wal-Mart and Target.

Yes, there are some unusual options to dress up your home — including your bathroom (or “toilet” as we say here). Don’t you want to see Santa doing his business, as you do yours?

At about the same time, the good folks of Trier started building their Christmas Market. We’ve been going to Trier’s Christmas Market for years. Somehow, we missed the fact that Trier has a Mulled Wine Queen!

Just beyond the market, we found a delightful storefront of LEGO goodness!

We can’t wait to visit Luxembourg‘s Christmas Market, so keep watch for some more holiday spirit from the Bugle!

2 Comments to “Something for the kids”

  1. Dave said...
    28 November 2011

    Awesome stuff. Nothing says, “I’d like some wheat bread, please” like animatronic skiing bears.

  2. Amanda said...
    28 November 2011

    Oh, thanks for doing this so I don’t have to!

    The animated animals made all the dogs in the mall (the shopping dogs, that is) bark.

    Also, the self-snowing tree? Love it. Can you see my cats playing with THAT??