Wrapping up the holiday season

First, we need to finish the previous post and give you the link to our movie of Kleeschen.

In the US, chocolate eggs were for springtime, specifically Easter. In Europe, eggs are for nearly every holiday, including Christmas. Furthermore, the most super-cool eggs of all, Kinder Surprises, cannot be brought to the United States! We made this video to give Americans an idea of what you’re missing.

Finally, yesterday was the last day of the Christmas Market in Luxembourg-Ville. We offer you this retrospective of Luxembourg’s 2011 Marché de Noël. Let’s begin with the market at night, when the decorations really shine.

The central attraction is the heated tent in the front of the stage.

And what does one drink under the tent? Glühwein! (It’s warm red wine.)

And of course, there are a variety of fried goods to go with it.

There’s plenty to see (and to shop for).

Something for everyone!

After years behind scaffolding, the Cercle finally got to dress up for the season.

There’s even a place for inflated Santa.

Anita and I like to meet for lunch at the Christmas Market. Bad for the waistline, but good for holiday spirit!

It’s a great place to shop for gifts.

Apparently, we’re supposed to have a sexy holiday this year. Mrs Claus has dinner for you!

There’s entertainment for the children, day or night.

What says Christmas more than egg rolls and calamari?

With warm wine — workday or not!

Anita’s favorite Christmas Market dessert: chi-chis from Jean Le Gaufre.

Some more decorations…

Oh, there was a bit of “the reason for the season” too.

And, to wrap it up, another video.

Happy New Year everybody! (P.S. It’s called the celebration of Saint Sylvestre here.)

2 Comments to “Wrapping up the holiday season”

  1. Dave said...
    1 January 2012

    The Christmas Market is infested with knock off Disney items! Lightening McQueen on a candy stick, Goofy and Donald Duck on the carousel.

    Everyone in the Sain Nick video looked completely apathetic. Maybe it was the rain, but the band, cops, and Saint Nick all looked like they were just going through the motions.

  2. keely said...
    25 January 2012

    Great job Will!! Don’t listen to Dave. Lux puts on a nice festive hat for the holidays. Thanks for sharing a sample.