Lux News ALERT: black panther sightings

The big news from Luxembourg this week is the rash of black panther sightings.

Luxembourg News: 25 Oct ’09

Headlines for this week: Mad Trucker; Active Weasel; Demo Fallout; Cashier drives off Robber; Fuel Tax Dodging; Pensioner forgets Wad. ..

New Coat Sunday!

From the title above, one might think that this will be an action-packed story about Anita or Will going to a Luxembourgish mall to purchase a coat (on a Sunday).

Interiors in violet

Both Will and I have always loved houseplants. One of the hardest parts about moving to Europe was finding homes for the 50+ plants we had in the US. ..

Luxembourg News: 16 Oct ’09

Two Swiss football fans were arrested for rowdy behavior following their teams 3-0 win over the Grand Duchy on Saturday night. ..

Luxembourg News Update: 10 Oct ‘09

More news from our town, for your pleasure.

A quick witted customer snatched a robber’s gun out of his hand during a raid on a drugstore in Mondorf yesterday. ..

Bugle-Blog CLASSIC

The Bugle does not aspire to comprehensive coverage of anything in particular. So it’s not a revelation that we didn’t get around to all of our ideas for blog posts about Ireland. ..

The tree behind our house

There’s a tree behind our apartment building. There’s a bench beneath it, a good place to sit away from the main traffic through the park. It’s a nice enough tree during the summer.

BBB&B Update: September shakedown

Please forgive the staff for their negligence of the blog these past few weeks. We had an important visit from the mother company to see whether the B&B is ready to open for business. ..