Readers’ affection for the next confection

The BB Procurement Department has license to obtain unique or representative confections during the course of ordinary operations. ..

Back in touch with the world

PRESS RELEASE: Bakker Bugle upgrades interweb access, begins new era of expansion
Friday, 26 June 2009
This morning, the Bakker Bugle completed one of the last phases of its ambitious plan to move its internet sourcing scheme to Luxembourg City. ..

Luxembourg’s National Day

Luxembourg’s official celebration of National Day is solemn compared to the night before. ..

It’s All the Finale, for National Day

Last night, we attended the pre-event festivities for National Day. By my early analysis, it would seem that the pre-event activities are the best part of the holiday. ..

National Day is almost here

Tuesday is Luxembourg’s National Day, the official birthday of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and a very important holiday (official program in French). We arrived just in time! ..

We arrived in Luxembourg

We arrived before our stuff — “on holiday” for official purposes. We drove into Luxembourg with several large suitcases in the back of our Skoda estate (i.e. station-wagon). ..

I am a Dublin voter!

I almost missed the deadline to apply for the Register of Electors for Friday’s election. You can imagine my delight when I found my reminder card in the mail last week. ..

Face Posters: Set #3

Here comes another set of trading cards in the famous series: Face Posters of Ireland 2009
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Face Posters: Set #2

Are you ready to get another set of your very own trading cards of the best Face Posters of Ireland 2009?
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Face Posters: Trading Cards #1

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