National Day is almost here

Tuesday is Luxembourg’s National Day, the official birthday of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and a very important holiday (official program in French). We arrived just in time! This past Friday, I strolled around the city center and saw some of the preparations.

Grand Rue before National DayThe Grand Rue is a celebrated retail street in the old city, and it was bedecked in Luxembourg’s flag.

Place Guillaume before National DayIn the Place Guillaume, one of the major squares of the city, workers assembled a stage for the music festival that started this weekend. Flag at Place de la ConstitutionIt’s been a cool weekend, so we didn’t attend the first performers. We’re looking forward to hearing some great music on Monday and Tuesday.

We’re also eager to see the traditional festivities. Apparently, it includes a torchlit parade for the Grand Duke. When I think of rowdy crowds with torches, it’s typically not a happy occasion. So I’d like to see what torch-bearing subjects do when they like their ruler.

There will also be a massive fireworks display. I’m sure we would be able to see much of it from our delightful balcony. We plan, however, to join the mob. You can be sure that we’ll report on the results.

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