Donegal: first us, now the Rally

Last weekend, we toured the Donegal region of Ireland, the northwest corner of Ireland. (Highlighted in blue here; thanks to the creators on the Wikimedia Commons.)
It was quiet in Donegal; some B&Bs and a few tourist sites were closed until late spring. ..

Friday’s Inauguration

I know, I know, the title is a weaker pun than even Bugle readers should expect.
We partied with friends at TGI Friday’s on St Stephen’s Green. ..

Irish Independence: “One Big Union”

Today marks 100 years since the organisation of a labour union that played a crucial role in Irish independence. ..

Hating and Haters: A Conversation

As the steward of this blog, I unilaterally decided to draw attention to an ongoing discussion about international enmity that’s occupied the comments for a few old posts. ..

Caption This! Round 4

Caption Image Four is a departure from ancient Rome. It is also a tribute to our fellow residents of the British Isles.

As usual, click on the image for the full-size version.

Culture Shock, Frozen Windshield edition

So get this:
Dubliners use water to remove frost from the windshields of their cars.

Vatican City on October 28

Thanks for hanging in there during the holidays! First, a reminder: the Caption Contest Round 3 will close January 7th, so add your caption now.
We have new photos from Rome to start the new year. ..