Donegal: first us, now the Rally

Last weekend,Donegal in Ireland we toured the Donegal region of Ireland, the northwest corner of Ireland. (Highlighted in blue here; thanks to the creators on the Wikimedia Commons.)

It was quiet in Donegal; some B&Bs and a few tourist sites were closed until late spring. That befits the weather of Donegal, which is hardly welcoming for snowbirds. We had an outstanding weekend, in part due to the quiet season.

This weekend will not be quiet for that region, as the World Rally Championship kicks off today on some of the very same roads that Anita drove one week ago.

We had remarkably pleasant weather for most of our trip. Rally Ireland will feature a more typical wintry mix. As the race leader Sebastien Loeb said today: We would have needed a boat rather than a car.

If this sounds exciting but your local sports channels don’t cover Rally Ireland, you can find video at the WRC website.

Anita’s driving was more than competent, but considerably less savage than the rally racers. We’ll post photos of our trip soon. In the meantime, here are some photos to whet your appetite; see a larger version by clicking on the image.

Approaching Donegal

Donegal Road

Snow in Inishowen