GAA football & Euro soccer: Sunday = Sport Day

We had a great day for sports on Sunday. By far the most thrilling event was our first GAA match in person — and better yet, at the national stadium, Croke Park! ..

Double-Take of the Week, Cultural Edition

Today, the listeners of a nationwide pop radio station in Ireland, Today FM, voted for the following song as their Friday Favorite:
Lynryd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama”
An answer to your next question:
No, Today FM is not the kind of radio station that appeals to ironic hipsters.

Bugle P.I. — More Legal Trouble

The Bugle would like to apologize for the delay in further episodes of Bugle P.I. due to circumstances beyond our control.

Happy Bloomsday 2008

June 16th of each year brings the worldwide celebration of James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses: Bloomsday. ..

Lisbon Treaty: Ballad for an Undecided Irish Voter

Are you ready for a smirking, cynical over-simplification of yesterday’s vote on the Lisbon Treaty? ..

Lisbon Treaty: The Campaigns

At midday here in Ireland, the consensus was that the vote on the Treaty of Lisbon is too close to call. ..

The Treaty of Lisbon: Dazed and Confused

Today, many Irish citizens will vote “Yes” or “No” to the Lisbon Treaty. ..

One year in Dublin

Ireland is a strange place right now – it’s warm and sunny. ..