One year in Dublin

Ireland is a strange place right now – it’s warm and sunny. Will and I aren’t sure exactly what is going on and we’re concerned that it’s some sort of strange apocalypse. Our guests at the BBB&B have been enjoying sun, warmth and good time. One guest even got a sunburn!

Today was another great day of weather, which was perfect because today was the Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon. Last year, the marathon ran on the third day of Will’s arrival, so that means we’re celebrating Will’s one year anniversary in Dublin! I arrived earlier in May, so I celebrated a few weeks ago. It was exciting last year to have the event in our neighborhood – the first of many throughout 2007. If you’re curious, take a look at a few photos from this year.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we want to thank everyone who lived through the past year with us. Knowing that our friends and family were with us in spirit (and in comments!) was a great help.

We’re not sure what the next year will bring, but we hope that you stay with us! We have more guests arriving tomorrow, so the Blog staff is still over at the B&B helping out. But in a couple more weeks, the Blog staff will be back to work and the posting frequency should increase dramatically.

2 Comments to “One year in Dublin”

  1. Latvian Pirates said...
    4 June 2008

    Congrats on a successful year 1. I’m glad I skated in under the wire so I can say I visited during your first year. I must say that I did truly absorb the culture while there… I swear I woke up Monday morning singing ‘Wolves of the Sea’ in my head… we so have to go to Eurovision 2009! :) laurie

  2. Dave said...
    4 June 2008

    Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone use a handle for a blog post and then put their real name in the post. Nice job, Laurie, er…. I mean “Latvian Pirate”.