Pop music

Anita and I listen to Today FM in the morning. It’s a national station, broadcasting somewhere between 100 and 102 MHz all over the country. ..

5 Stars *****

I am no Rick Steves, but here’s what he won’t tell you about Dublin, Ireland….
There is a new place called the Bakker B&B, est 2007. ..

Ten Things to Do, from a tourist, not Rick Steves

In no particular order:

Embrace the culture. It is easy to do without much effort.
Explore by walking about each day.

Visitors, Going to the Ring of Kerry

The B.B. B&B hosts Sharon and Jaime, great friends and honoured Commenters of this blog. ..

Dublin Marathon

The last weekend in October was a bank holiday weekend (meaning a Monday off). That Monday, the 27th annual Dublin marathon chose to start in our front yard (literally). ..

Settled In

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that we have settled into our lives here in Dublin. ..

Quantitative Context: How big is Ireland?

Let’s talk about population first. The population of the island of Ireland is about 6 million persons. About 4.25 million of them live in the Republic of Ireland (the twenty-six counties). ..

Good game

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been really thrilled to get the NFL on our satellite. ..

“You are square. Go back to your hotel.”

Anita and I bought tickets to see Andrew Bird this Saturday night at a venue called Tripod. Tripod is a ten minute walk from our place, in a converted train station. ..