Ten Things to Do, from a tourist, not Rick Steves

In no particular order:

  1. Embrace the culture. It is easy to do without much effort.
  2. Explore by walking about each day.
  3. Partake of a local alcoholic beverage — beer or whiskey, it doesn’t matter. Disclaimer: Number 3 is not for the pregnant or those who could become pregnant … you know who you are.Beers of Sharon
  4. See a castle … and while you are at it, a babbling brook or a nearby river or canal.
  5. Observe the local wildlife from a safe distance.
  6. Go on a brewery tour … see #3 above. (No, I am not an alcoholic.)
  7. See a round tower — though rare — it lends itself both to fairy tale and phallic visions.
  8. Buy some postcards and mail them back to your jealous friends in the States … Try not to rub it in too much when back home.
  9. Buy local artisan souvenirs (wool, lace, marble, pottery) for family and friends, because it is cool and you rubbed it in too much in #8.
  10. Take pictures to remember the fun and hospitality, and to quote a friend, how it was “f*ing picturesque” (said in an Irish accent).

6 Comments to “Ten Things to Do, from a tourist, not Rick Steves”

  1. Lisa said...
    21 November 2007

    Okay, #1: Who is Rick Steves?, #2 When will the postcard arrive? …sigh , #3 I sense a story from your #5, #4 Looking forward to #9, #5 Nice picture, #6 Are fish supposed to float? Just kidding!, #7 12/31 is now a vacation day – woo hoo!, #8 1-3 inches starting at 5:00 pm, #9 I bought a snowblower last night (see #8), and #10 It really sucks being at home while your friends are trampling through your homeland.

  2. Wendi said...
    21 November 2007

    Wow, I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you might end up on this blog! I’m glad you guys are having a good time and look forward to seeing pictures of you performing all 10 items on the list. BTW, my taste runs more towards the pottery form of souvenir :)

  3. Jaime B said...
    21 November 2007

    Lisa, please rest assured that not only is there a story from #5 but that it will be it’s very own post. The story is mine but I am still recovering and need time to figure out how to tell the story best.

    Sharon is unable, as of yet, to find Smithwick’s stuff but rest assured, we are on the hunt and we will keep searching!

  4. Jaime B said...
    21 November 2007

    PS Loyal BBB readers, please participate in the poll!!!

  5. Doug said...
    6 December 2007

    I think I did #1-10 and I highly reccommend it (well maybe not #7…..)

  6. Laurie said...
    10 December 2007

    Good to-do list. But the picture is missing my most FAVORITE version of #3 – Beamish (although even on the island it was scarcely on draught outside of Cork…) Luckily enough, one of the buyers at my local Binny’s Beverage Depot grew up around the corner from the brewery so I can usually source it when the craving erupts. Speaking of which (sound of can opening, beverage flowing)…Slante!