Good game

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been really thrilled to get the NFL on our satellite. We were especially excited because we realized Sky Sports was broadcasting the “Game of the Season” between the Colts and the Patriots. The only downside — the game started at 9pm Dublin time. Recognizing that there was no way I was going to stay up until after midnight on a Sunday just to watch a football game, we set up the DVR and headed to bed.

In the States, delaying the game would have been a challenge. There would be no way to avoid knowing the outcome. But Will and I were confident that none of the newspapers in Dublin would report on outcome. We were right, so Monday night, we settled in to watch the game.

I’ve always liked Peyton Manning and I grew up close to the Colts, so I sat down and put my cheers behind Indy. Will was indifferent. Both of us, however, really enjoyed the game. (We watched it over two evenings.) While the outcome could have been better, the actual football played was excellent. The caliber and quality of the play was terrific.

I don’t know how many other games we will get to see this year that will be as excellent as that one, but I do know that I’ll be checking the schedule each Sunday!

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  1. Dave said...
    12 November 2007

    It’s nice to be able to tape games and watch them at your leisure. This is what I do with Premier League Games.