Settled In

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that we have settled into our lives here in Dublin. Work has become more routine for me and Will seems to have exited his “tourist” phase and entered his “daily living” phase. When life starts to become more routine, the creativity of the BB staff becomes a bit stale. We here at the Bugle vow to fight that staleness with the freshest and most exciting content that we can possibly find!

Between now and the holiday season, the Bugle will continue to bring you interesting and exciting reporting. The BB B & B will be opening for some guests from the US. The holiday season in Ireland is almost upon us and we should have some specials stories relating to that. The Bugle will also be going back into history and reporting on stories from the fall that were missed at the time, including more from the trip to London and other thrilling events that happened here in Dublin.

Stay tuned!