5 Stars *****

I am no Rick Steves, but here’s what he won’t tell you about Dublin, Ireland….

There is a new place called the Bakker B&B, est 2007. Conveniently located to the airport and is walk-able to many tourist attractions, such as Trinity College, Grafton St Shopping, St Stephen’s Green, etc.

The Bakker B&B is very homey & welcoming. Don’t let the name of the address fool you. “The Basement” is the place to be with a radiantly heated stone floor & crazy fireplace. This place is comfy & warm, not damp & misty, like the Ireland outside its door in November.

The guest accommodations are suitable for double occupancy & are the same rate for singles even during the peak season…(more about that later). Your stay at the BBB includes breakfast, but upon request may also include lunch & dinner (or dinner & supper).

Be sure to engage the owners in local and national news in the States. If you are lucky, they will even share a pint with you at the local pub, whether Guinness or Jameson, both are sure to make fast friends, especially if you buy a round or two.

Extra Special Perks include – a free walking tour of Dublin and Tourist information, such as info on local customs, maps, pamphlets, & reading materials. Internet connection is available by request.

The BBB is open all year round, but only exclusively by reservation. A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required.

Though the Euro is currently a lot stronger than the dollar, this visit is a must for all loyal (passport carrying) Bakker Bugle Blog readers. During the high season (April/May/June) visitors should book their exact dates of travel to lock in their stay.

Your satisfaction, like the coffee…….may be instant.

2 Comments to “5 Stars *****”

  1. Keely said...
    26 November 2007

    wow, Thanks Sharon for the review!! It’s nice to get a relatively unbiased opinion from someone unrelated to the proprieters.

  2. Doug said...
    6 December 2007

    This post is right on – a beautiful area and a private park just across the street – I highly recommend getting your hosts to play a round of lighted bocce ball during a nice evening.