Let’s Go to the Mall!!

On Saturday, we ventured out of the city and headed south into the suburbs. Will wanted to go to a specific bike shop and we needed to get some groceries. ..

Becoming a resident, Part 2

Another part of becoming a resident is the realisation that local practices really are the most practical response to local conditions. That idea looks obvious when the words appear on my screen! ..

First Trip to Galway (of 2007)

We visited Galway last year, because our friends Chris and Katie are working for the Big A there. We took a long weekend (half-day Friday) to visit this year. ..

Our street in U2 video

The video for U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” was filmed in 1998. ..

Good Thursday Morning

I saw beautiful, sunny skies as I helped Anita out the door this morning. One must seize the sun when one finds it, so I decided to take another fitness ride as soon as possible.

Our first visitors

Settling into our lives in Dublin has been a long (but fun) process since Will arrived. ..

Cycling Today: Will 1, Rain 2

It doesn’t take long to get from the city centre to the outer suburbs of Dublin, and I’ve cycled out to those suburbs as an explorer. ..

Becoming a resident, Part 1

The first step to becoming a resident of a city? Actually moving there. The moving company retrieved the paper and cardboard Wednesday evening, so I can say that we’re moved in.

DVR Does Dallas

OMG!!!! Somebody shot J.R.!!!

– I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him!
– Take a number, there’s a lot of us ahead of you.

I wonder whether that banker who lost 20 million dollars did it? Or Sue Ellen? ..

How did he DO that? Tour Stage 1 (updated)

Robbie McEwen was in a crash and injured his wrist about 20 km from the finish for Stage 1. ..