Our first visitors

Settling into our lives in Dublin has been a long (but fun) process since Will arrived. One of the fantastic parts about living in Dublin is how often colleagues from work have a reason to be in our city. Our first visitor was my former co-worker and friend, Jenny. Jenny had a conference the last week of June and she made sure to let us know that she was in town. We arranged for me to pick her up on my way home from work and bring her to the city centre. It was awesome to see her – she got to see our messy apartment and go to some of our favorite pubs with us. Since it was a Wednesday night, we were all very well behaved.

Which leads me to our next visitor, my friend Merle. Merle happened to be in Dublin over a weekend, so she joined our traditional Friday happy hour. Every Friday, Will, my co-worker Kathryn and I stop at a pub to call an end to the week and signal the start of the weekend. Merle was a welcome addition to our crew. We explored several establishments in the city that were new to us, which allowed us to extend our normal happy hour into an evening of … celebration! Kathryn’s boyfriend met up with us, so we were a happy group of five, enjoying some of the best sites Dublin has to offer.

I may be getting a bit too old to enjoy all the best sites Dublin has to offer. At least all in the same night.

Here’s a special thanks, to Jenny and Merle, for taking the time out of their busy trip schedules to spend some time with us. We enjoyed seeing you and we can’t wait for you to come back!