Good Thursday Morning

I saw beautiful, sunny skies as I helped Anita out the door this morning. One must seize the sun when one finds it, so I decided to take another fitness ride as soon as possible.

I found a better way to get to Phoenix Park, and the rush-hour traffic was less intimidating than I’d thought. I saw another stunning part of the Park, and watched the rainclouds come over the Wicklow Mountains. I beat the rain home.

Good morning!

The new way to the Park takes me along the Grand Canal. On my way back, I saw two unusual boats making their way slowly down the canal. One was essentially a giant push-broom for the water’s surface. It skimmed the trash and the loose weeds along the grassy sides of the canal.

The other boat took a little time to figure out. It had one motorized blade poking just above the water. The blade looked like an oversized hedge-trimmer. When the boat passed, I saw that there was a second blade, well below the surface, so that the two blades made an inverted T-shape. So I guess that this boat was clearing the center of the canal of snags.

I’ll have to take photos of the boats someday. Always something new…

3 Comments to “Good Thursday Morning”

  1. Theodora said...
    19 July 2007

    oooh…the Hudson river could really benefit from those boats…
    So Willem – have you taken any headers on your bike because you were pay attention to something else?

  2. Dave said...
    20 July 2007

    Will 2, Rain 3

  3. Will said...
    24 July 2007

    You’re generous, Dave. Am I allowed points for merely staying dry? I guess it isn’t easy, so maybe it does count.