DVR Does Dallas

OMG!!!! Somebody shot J.R.!!!

- I'll kill him. I'll kill him!
- Take a number, there's a lot of us ahead of you.

J.R. EwingI wonder whether that banker who lost 20 million dollars did it? Or Sue Ellen? She started drinking again, after all, and she found a gun. And J.R. called her a slut!!!! He insulted her a lot, but if somebody called me a slut…!!! But the writers really want us to think that it’s one of the investors in J.R.’s scheme.

Anita thinks its Cliff Barnes. You know, the OLM debacle, shutting down Field 23, and everything in between??? He’s got to have enough of the Ewings after this season!!

You’ve got to admire the way that Jock and Bobby stood with J.R. as all those suckers came to complain about the bad Asian oil deals. After all, those guys could have done their own research about the rebels that wanted to nationalize the wells!! But then it’s hard to see why J.R. lied to Jock about it?!

I’m surprised that J.R. wasn’t able to bribe the rebels. I think they could have spent more time on that angle. Maybe one of the rebels did it! Now, I wonder if he’s dead. I can’t imagine Dallas without him!!!

Lucy mentioned a disco in Dallas during this episode. Does it really exist?!? I’d love to go there someday! It will be very popular this weekend, after being mentioned on Dallas.

3 Comments to “DVR Does Dallas”

  1. Dave said...
    10 July 2007

    Hi, Dublin… Welcome to the eighties.

  2. Theodora said...
    10 July 2007

    so…experimenting with the local drug scene?

  3. Keely said...
    11 July 2007

    I’m really starting to worry about you guys! Is Anita wearing shoulder pads?