Our street in U2 video

The video for U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” was filmed in 1998. The video consists of a horse-drawn carriage ride down Fitzwilliam Street, heading northeast from the intersection with Leeson Street. In other words, it’s right through our neighborhood. And it’s a pretty good representation of what it feels like to go down that street today. (Well, without the marching bands and elephants most days.)

YouTube has the video. In that version, Bono passes closest to our home right after the banner that reads “I’m Really Sorry” at about 1:56. The next thing you see, behind the violinists on the flatbed truck, is Fitzwilliam Square, the private park across from our place.

The video doesn’t get much past that. I bet they chose to film down our section of Fitzwilliam Street because further down, you get to Merrion Square and the ESB building. Although Merrion Square is more famous, the ESB building breaks up the architectual impact of all those Georgian residences.

Another YouTube video: biking down Fitzwilliam. For sensitive viewers, beware the Blair-Witch camera work.

3 Comments to “Our street in U2 video”

  1. Barbara said...
    20 July 2007

    Sounds delightful, except for all the rain. I am impressed with your perseverance. Do most folks bike for exrecise or do people stare? A friend of my moved to the Netherlands and took out a couple of bike riders when opening his car door (seperate occasions and one well into his eighties) before he learned to look for the bikes. There it was mostly a practical way to get around not really for the exercise. Say hi to Anita and I hope you enjoy your Friday night beverage!

  2. Theodora said...
    21 July 2007

    “without the marching bands and elephants most days”?? what, is it monkey delays most of the time (naturally probably because they escape from your basement). Great to see your neighborhood – I can’t wait to take the stroll with you both!

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