Let’s Go to the Mall!!

On Saturday, we ventured out of the city and headed south into the suburbs. Will wanted to go to a specific bike shop and we needed to get some groceries. Will did some searching and found a spot with several stores that we wanted to go to. Turns out – it was a Mall!

Let’s Go to the Mall: #1 in Canada, 1993 This was the first time we had been to a more “American” shopping center, unlike back home when we went to the shopping center every Saturday morning. It started to rain when we arrived, so we spent a couple of hours wandering around, looking at the stores and seeing what was available. One major difference is most malls also have a large grocery store as one of the anchors. So we were able to get a storage container for the guest bedroom, a curtain for the living room and our groceries all in one stop.

While we love our city living, it was enjoyable on a rainy afternoon to wander around, killing time at the mall.

Video still courtesy Robin Sparkles.

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  1. Laurie said...
    12 August 2007

    Love the use of Robin Sparkles! Can I be slap bet commissioner this week?