Busy, busy — but time for art

Anita and I so busy that we’re just now watching the Eurovision 2009 broadcasts from last week. (Fantastacular! Glorilicious!) Mostly, we’re preparing for the big move to Luxembourg in three weeks.

Today, we completed a task 18 months in the making: we bought a lovely painting from one of the regular exhibitors on Sundays at Merrion Square. We’ve strolled around the park at midday on dozens of Sundays, knowing that we would leave Ireland with a souvenir someday.

Anita and I waited until the last possible Sunday, and it was the best time, too. The park was packed with the Dublin Soul Festival, and we met Blanaid Lynam, whose “Sunset (Dusk) Sandycove” will grace our future homes. We were glad to have met her, and we are very happy to have found (and most importantly, agreed upon) an ideal representation of our fondness for Dublin.

I have a mile-long list of potential post topics about Ireland and Dublin. In a perfect world, I’d have time to work through them over the next three weeks. Alas, I must warn you: the posts may be sporadic in the month of June.

I’ll keep making short remarks on the Bugle Tumblr, which is on the right sidebar (and you can follow it on its own webpage too). I’ll keep reading comments, and publish at least one post each week. But more than that? Anita and I can’t make any promises.