Flat Stanley comes for a visit

We were honored by a visit from Flat Stanley. Our friend Grace sent Flat Stanley to us, and we took a little tour around the Luxembourg region last weekend. ..

Danger Will Robinson!

The usually-reliable Bugle Content-Generating Computing Unit 3000 collapsed Monday morning. ..

Happy Carnival!

For the season before Lent, Luxembourg doesn’t have some of the charming and/or citrusy traditions of its neighbors. ..

Luxembourg News: 12 Feb 2010

First up: The Bakker household now has expert advice to support its plan to stay home and stay semi-prone this weekend:
Drivers are being urged to avoid travelling this week-end if at all possible. ..

She’s got the whole world in her hands

It wasn’t easy – but we’ve finally put our world together. It took two more marathon sessions, but we finished our puzzleball globe. ..

Luxembourg News: 5 Feb 2010

It’s time for another survey of the week’s news in Luxembourg. ..

LuxAlert: Liichtmëssdag

For Americans, today may be Groundhog Day. Here in Luxembourg, it’s Liichtmëssdag!