LuxAlert: Liichtmëssdag

For Americans, today may be Groundhog Day. Here in Luxembourg, it’s Liichtmëssdag!

Here’s the best description we can find, courtesy ARA City Radio here in Luxembourg and prepared by the ever-entertaining and informative Mark Weedon:

It’s the feast of St Blaise today or Candelmas. There’s a local tradition that children go out with lanterns this evening and sing songs on doorsteps. The point is that they are wishing you good health for the rest of the year and you are supposed to reciprocate with sweets or money. Modern children are likely to be rather disappointed if you hand out bacon and peas, which is actually what their asking for in the song.

I remember celebrating the Feast of St Blaise in my Catholic grammar school: It was always cold, and we lined up on the playground so that the parish priest could cross two candles across our necks. As I recall, it was to keep us from choking. Weedon said, on air this morning, that Candelmas is more about sore throats. St Blaise must be the Saint of Necks in General.

If your curiosity is not sated:

If children show up at our door tonight, you’ll be the first to know!

1 Comment to “LuxAlert: Liichtmëssdag”

  1. Dave said...
    2 February 2010

    I hope you have some candy. I don’t think Bovril
    is going to cut it.