Another month, another trip

In March, we took advantage of the public holiday “season” (17 Mar – St. ..

Links regarding the News in Ireland

News in Ireland:

Ireland to Americans: Please, please visit us!

“Hotels here are to slash prices for Americans in a desperate attempt to entice high-spending tourists. ..

Bugle P.I. returns after late-winter hiatus

Editor’s note: Our American audience is probably accustomed to long breaks in narratives, given the recent television writers’ strike. ..

Forbidden Fruit-y Candy

Maynards Wine Gums have gaily coloured packaging that calls out to children and adults alike. ..

Lisbon Photos: Go Flight!

We finally added titles, comments and tags to the photos from our trip to Lisbon in February. ..

Saint Patrick’s Day 2008

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Cowboy Candy

Continuing our quest for becoming the best-in-class source for information about the Irish and British sugar- and syrup-oriented products, the BB Procurement Department obtained the second sample for 2008: Nestle’s Milkybar. ..

Happy St Patrick’s Eve

We have two items from the interwebs to call to your attention, this day before the international celebration of Irishness.

A key element of US culture: Fantasy Baseball

It’s time for fantasy baseball! My transatlantic relationship with American culture will change profoundly in the next week. ..

Required Reading for Ex-pats in Ireland

Before we moved to Ireland, our good friend and frequent commentor Dave gave me a copy of The Lonely Planet’s Irish Language and Culture. ..