Another month, another trip

In March, we took advantage of the public holiday “season” (17 Mar – St. Paddy’s day, 21 Mar – Good Friday, 24 Mar – Easter Monday) to take a trip to Italy and France. We started in Venice (2 days), and then traveled between Venice and Milan, stopping in Vicenza and Verona. We spent one day in Milan and two days in the French Riviera: Nice and Monaco.

We’ve prepared most of the Venice photos and they are now available for your viewing pleasure. The Bugle staff is hard at work, culling the very best of the rest of approximately 6000 or so photos that we took in six days. Each town/day will have their own set eventually. We’ll post another update when the next set is ready.

Here’s your link: Photo collection for March trip

1 Comment to “Another month, another trip”

  1. Keely said...
    9 April 2008

    Love the photos!! aaaaahhhhh. The staff is doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Nice and Monaco and Paris.